domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Tuition non exsistant

Exeter College of Art as I knew it was removed from Gandy Street and replaced, definately replaced in the same manner as Moseley Road Art School, and not repositioned. Anew college was built with other ideals that are hopefyully better than the oribional, for as much as I liked the quiet atmosphere at the college and the staff proved to be very caring of myself after my turbulent time with Sheila Mcglone at Moseley, the amount of actual tuition that every one received at the college was minimal to almost non exsistant. Left to our own devices for practically all the day and every day the staff worked part time and their own outside work got priority over the students needs. There was alack of co-ordination amongst the staff and no sense of direction, although this did change some bwhat in my final year as the staff realised the need for this year to impress the assessors for the college to get BA status and this was achieved. I achieved the maximum mark possible that year for my diploma as well as becoming a member of LSIA and subsequently when many years later, needing a job in Edinburgh to help with the bills and Susie, I applied for my diploma to be given the BA status and a copy sent to me so that I could then take a 2 year teaching diploma in Scotland, this was not some idea that I had invented, it is a right that exsists when the BA is awarded to the college that year but because of the college closing and reopening as a different college ( the web site gives the college date as 1970) the reply that I received said that if I had taken my diploma in London I could receive the replacement as a BA but that this was not possible in provincial colleges and that Exeter could not provide this for me. This stopped me from taking up a position as a woodwork teacher at the Steiner School in Edinburgh and the result of that was an imbalance in my relationship with my second wife, Susan (formaly Gammie and before that Gelman) .
Here are some photos of the college at the point of demolition some time after I had left Exeter, for after college I had one year working with Jacky at a local education resources centre that served the whole of the South Devon area, then Jacky was offered the job of publicity designer at the Northcott Theatre under the new directorship of Jane Howell (young director who had studied with Bill Gaskill and Lindsey Anderson, working at the Royal Court during the 60's and later to be my introduction to the world of London theatre). I was frequently found proping up the bar at the Northcott awaiting Jacky to finish work, which often was after midnight, so it was only time before the designer,Hayden Griffen (South African born designer who had studied under Margaret Harris, a kind lady who also became a good friend and for whose school I gave lectures on theatre prop making)
The photos of the barn are some that where taken close to the time of fininishing the conversion and also at a time when Jacky and I were going through divorce proceedings.

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