quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

sun shines and the grapes ripen, butterflies and bees pass each other, whilst the swallows swoop past my decanted red wine

I guess the best is still to come, i arrived with very little idea of what might be install and have been balled over by the daily nouveau. it is rich in social values, it makes you feel special and the weather is great, a true experience and I will value this for many years. I have slightly fallen foul of the cat, but I reckon by tomorrow she will have reconsidered our friendship and realised that the thorn that I have just removed from her nose, was removed for best motives , and her meal will be the better for its removal.
I finally decided to do the electrics for the workshop, having waited for Michael to get a better price it seems best for me to do it at cost and get on with the making of Michaels windows. So yesterday and today I have been running the band saw and the planer, cutting and preparing oak for the windows at the Bergerie.
George has been in every day to cut the grass and bushes in the area that will one day be a garden, and today he took me into Condom in his car, to buy a small electric grinder, the trip was memorable in that I will avoid him taking me to anywhere in the future, he simply does not look at the road when driving, I could feel my feet reaching for a none obtainable break, on many occasions, but is chatter was good, as the Irish say, the crack was good, and I am still alive.
St Puy is incredible, it is like a film set, a novella, a soap opera, everyone knows every one, but not as well as the other person, and all the gossip is therefore the better for the knowledge of who knows who, and the general rivalry is evident in the conversations of all of the people living here. George is possibly the worst for maligning folks, but everyone feels they know best and are keen to give their penny's worth.
Nadine, Tristan and Ingrid have gone to Paris, Tristan and Ingrid live there, Nadine will return today or tomorrow, so it will get me back to trying some French, the other two speak English and rathjer prefered to speak it than hear my poor recital of their beautiful language. I have surprised myself in coping, I can hardly speak the language and the need to buy machines and tools does not help my confidence, still it is good to have a go and I am now better than I was. By the way any spelling errors are largely due to my declining eyesight, I am now having difficulty, I have spent ages today grinding a cutter that should have taken a few minutes.