domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Change the title and direction

I know that in reality I should be writing in Portuguese but I cannot say that I have a grasp on the language sufficient to avoid critiscm, also I am not sure the amount of people that are fluent enough to read it, so I will stick to English for this post although it is far more content for Brazilians and less for the other countries that may read the Blog. in it
Carnavl came and went, another display of pop music and not one glimpse of religion in it, perhaps voodoo would be nearest the mark. I can see the governments desire to attract tourist money but feel that a change in the title would be appropriate and also a change in the dates, make the music festival a regular date and one that allows for tourists and hotels etc to get to grips with travel arrangements, leave Carnaval and Easter for those that believe in it and for whom it has spiritual meaning. Even the church was asking the festival to be clear of the church doors !!!!! and that is not just to stop the population urinating on the steps .
From personal experience life revolves around necessities of health, self sustenance for daily existence and not with excessive production for individual wealth in the form of money to be exchanged for unnecessary goods. The growing of food and the daily deeds for self preservation is by any standard some what consuming and tiring but has the secret of exercise and environmental awareness wrapped in the hours of work, also there is a closeness to creativity when a people use their hands and minds and even more so if it is work on a neighborly scale, creation for the group and not only for the individual.
If the increase in pollution is to be stopped and reversed, look at the amount of rubbish that was left on the beaches of Jaua day after day during the week of Carnaval and most of it went into the sea, it might be necessary to consider what the future can hold for cities and how can the world population continue to grow in such a concentrated way.
Is it possible now to concider the redistribution of population, it is a reverse of the natural human cycle but perhaps a time has come for the process diminishing the flow of population to centers of industry and creating micro centers for the city dwellers and those living in the interior. A trend to self sustenance for the city dweller as well as the country farmer, move to deminish mass transport and revitalize local produce.
Can we consider a future of more radical reductions in the production of excess as well as a reduction in pollution and the re-manipulation of materials to diminish the severity of pollution due to excess production of none basic human needs, all for the gain by the selected few, simply the move to gain money to exchange for polluting articles and not for essentials such as food, is creating an imbalance in desires and consequently a change in social needs, attitudes and mutual rights.
I find it more and more difficult to live here in Brazil with the constant sight and experience of lack of respect for the environment and each other, the attitude to human rights and in particular the belief in the need to have ones personal rights at the top of all values, similar to the North American constitution, leaves Brazil with guns and drugs on the street and the only means of recrimination is by telephone denunciation, for the world of consumerism is now becoming king and all wishes to have a part of it this false wealth with few wishing to place their neighbors rights equal to theirs.
I was always made to open doors for others before I entered, not something to do with female or male rights but a courtisy for others and this makes for an awareness of all things in nature, put plants and animals before your personal needs and you can see their value to your life, that way you will not kill what may well be of advantage to you and your health or the health of your family.
I cannot see how Brazil will fair well during the coming World cup and the following Olympic games, the world will see the lack of infrastructure, the amount of pollution and the crime rate that becomes even more violent as the economy increases the number of people with visible wealth and wealth that is easily stolen, the wealth in education and health is one that the government are robbing on a daily basis but the population do not seem to see or accept this as criminal....... perhaps they all see that they would like to be in the same position as their polititions, it is certainly noticalbe that there is growing trend to have a government job, it pays in excess and gives you a pension whilst avoiding any self responsibilty for your actions......
the situation here in Brazil is much in common with China, two countries that have watched the economies of others grow and now see that they are in the line of succession but do not have the experience of many centuries of pollution and its consequences. Brazil needs to leap to a stage well more advanced than it is at the moment to avoid catastrophic problems for the future.