quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008

Flowers for Angels

With lots of photos of Britain and France figuring large in this blog I would like to show off the striking life and countryside of my new country. There is much that is similar and I guess a lot of the difference can be put down to the climate but that is changing here in Brazil as well. The increase in rain in the South and the more severe winters there must make the south of England seem quite tropical. Here in the North of Brazil it is slow to change and thankfully so. I mentioned in a previous blog about the small monkeys that were around the house when I first arrived, well they are still here, they are the type that seen above, also the memories of dragon flies hovering over the water on the lakes at the back of my mothers house are kept alive here too as they hover over the swimming pool and dip the tales into the water (the name here is libélula).

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