quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2008

Edinburgh to Mimmi's and back.

Here are some photos that are really to go with the previous article. I travelled from edinburgh to Rome, spent a few days there and caught the train to Terentola, met Campbell and Muriel at the station and we then travelled in their car, they having driven from Edinburgh the previous week and well acquainted with some places for us to eat. The photos show that whilst in Assisi it poured with rain and proves that I do not always have sunny holidays. The region is awash with culture and good food restaurants so even if it rains it is possible to be entertained. I guess that the whole of Britain as now visited the whole of Tuscany but this bit further probably as its secrets. The Mona is my unfinished copy and the painting of Campbell is also unfinished, this is quite normal for me I am constantly trying to discover a style and therefore paintings sit here and get repainted, by the way I hope that you like my photos because I feel I have an eye for landscapes but probably need to learn more about the technical side to get them more moody.

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