terça-feira, 19 de março de 2013

plastic armour

I think that this latest scare is quite a real threat to security at home, the fact that 3D printers are capable of allowing guns and bombs to be made at home and with down loaded software from the internet, opens up a new age of security problems and a new age of de sensitive armour. It may take away the larger scale of arms sales but puts the local theif with a new and more scary possesion, the working and light weight plastic gun or grenade.....the 3D printer seems to g open up the market for artisan crafts but also the artisan terrorist.....a worry and a real threat to social behaviour .....no law will stop such a basic enterprise as it offers so much for a country to grow and have entrepreneurs  on every street corner, but to have one corner of the street robbing the other is not what any one wouldhope  for......a thought for the future