segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2008

Proud of Nature and its achievements

For those that do not know the beauty of Northumberland, its wide valleys and changing moods, I would like to show you that the Romans did not have such an lousy time of it, true enough it is a cold landscape in the winter time and frequently in the past I have had to dig my way out of the house when the snow as been 2 metres thick. The road to Alston has markers to one side that are 3 metres high and painted in red/white stripes like the posts in Venice, I have driven on the snow when only one metre of the posts has been visible and therefore two metres must be under the wheels. When driving in bizzard conditions there I have also experienced the state of white out, the road and sky disappear into whitness and you become disorientaed, like being weightless but not able to see anything outside the ship. Important to stop immediately or you carreer off the road.
In summer it is hot and blissfull, insects buzzing around and the smell of grass, picnics on Hadrians Wall are a delight because the vista in front of you is some panoramic film clip, breath taking and endless. This is even more of a delight if you are working free lance and drive regulary to clients, a calming of the soul and daily reflection of the joy of creation. I am completely without any idea or need for religion but that does not stop me from always being proud of nature and its achievements.

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