domingo, 13 de maio de 2012


Not being terrible up on the correct procedure for moving into a new or restored house here in France, I bow to the idea that it is best to invite every one you can for a free drink at your expense and let the locals and friends get down to the nitty gritty of weighing up the pros and cons of what I have done with my ruin and how it mow stands within the community, as well as how I might stamd here, an interesting state to be in as I still hardly speak amy French but seem to know quite a lot of French folk in and around the village of St Puy. My little anode is finally feeling like a home, not so sure it is feeling like my home yet but that is just a question of habitation amd so,e furniture etc all will have to wait now until I have made some windows and a front door and made some cash from other work. Summer has finally and thankfully arrived and it should make the move into the house a little bit more confortable, it will not be much of a move mind you, I have two suitcases that are in a friends house around the corner, the friemds are in Paris but return tomorrow, Monday 14 May, 2012, so hence the need to move, I have much to do to finish the house but it can be done whilst I am in it, most of the dusty jobs are done and I have no one else to worry anout if the place gets into a bit of a mess, it will be a tight squeeze to get any one into the house so I am thinking of having the soiree outside around the well, that way I can use the t of the well as a table and just serve drinks there, letting folk walk around the house with a sense of being in a museum or gallery more likely. So if you are in the arra of St Puy, Gers, Midi Pyrenees. 32310. call in on Tuesdayy evening, between 18.00 ans 19.00