sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

You can be fairly certain of one thing, if you are honest in your life then life it will be honest with you, there are always good reasons for assuming that you should lie, but avoid the simple benefits in short term and see that in the long run you are the master of your destiny and that is best to build on good virtue and not lies. Clarity helps ones self and not just in your dealings with others, to see clearly is to judge clearly. Dreams can help overcome adversity but can also obscure reality, do try to always see truth before you see opportunity, not always the same thing and having results that can be very different. When you want something badly you may well allow for obscurity and never want for the reality, yet the essence of your dreams is to obtain what is correct for your psychological balance , if you try to obtain something different it may well haunt you for many years and never give happiness. Pleasure is not always a state of contentment but can have attitudes set into it that counteract what seems correct, often there are hidden agendas to our smile, we do not have to obey the reason but it may help to have some knowledge of their history. When another does injustice it may not be done with full knowledge, but that may still have the authority of the person, they simply allow behavior to disguise their actions and continue to believe that they have no moral come back, as is stated in all is fair in love and war.
I have always tried to live by the principle that it is better to lose my face or money than my moral attitudes, take the slap across my face and know that I have not lost anything by not responding in a manner similar.I have no religion, have no expectations of life or death, I do not expect reward although I like to receive respect for my being here and being a friend. Your life is not to be one that is alone but it is not dependent on any one person for its welfare or happiness, in being respectful you are respected, but not by everyone, be content with those that respect the most and to them give equal respect, for me this is the base to build a life and have happiness. I am as truly happy with my lot as I think I could be, often puzzled by what others do and by what I do, but at the the dawn of a new morning I am comforted by the fact that I will not have done bad too any one the day before.
today has been a very warm and sunny day in the Gers and I have listened to the insects and birds during the moments when my machines have fell silent, to you I wish the same, Spring is such a blissful time.
Simple pleasure is in my small carving done for a friend...