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Campbell & Muriel Mars and Mimmi's

B.C. 217, the Romans made great preparations to oppose their formidable enemy. Two new armies were levied. One was posted at Arretium, under the command of the consul Flaminius, and the other at Ariminum, under the consul Servilius. Hannibal determined to attack Flaminius first. In his march southward through the swamps of the basin of the Arnus, his army suffered greatly, and he himself lost the sight of one eye. After resting his troops for a short time in the neighbourhood of Faesulae, he marched past Arretium, ravaging the country as he went, with the view of drawing on Flaminius to a battle. Flaminius, who appears to have been a rash, headstrong man, hastily followed Hannibal; and, being attacked in the basin of Lake Trasimenus, was completely defeated by the Carthaginians, who were posted on the mountains which encircle the valley. Three or four days afterwards, Hannibal cut off a detachment of Roman cavalry, amounting to 4000 men, which had been sent by Servilius to assist his colleague. Hannible appears to have entertained hopes of overthrowing the Roman dominion, and to have expected that the other States of Italy would take up arms against Rome, in order to recover their independence.
Sanguineto is one town whose name speaks of the battles that where fought, over 16,000 lost their lives. This is near Lago trasimeno, the fourth largest lake in Italy and very much like an inland sea. I arranged to meet Campbell and Muriel near the lake in 1998 since I was going to Rome and it seemed simple enough to get a train to Terentola. Campbell remarked that I was like the gunslinger as I left the train at Terentola, I was in the last carriage and all that he first saw was the silhouette of a person standing at the very end of the line, he walked towards me and said I was 10 minutes late.
Here is Campbels notes from his diary.............Hi Stuart

I've checked my diary for 1998. We picked you up from Roma trip at the station in Terontola on Sat 12th September and drove up to Cortona for lunch. Bought beautiful little holly wooden bowl 70000 lira. On Sunday 13th we went to Perugia for lunch. Had pizzas in cellar restaurant then we went Assisi very heavy rain. Asssi was covered in scaffolding following the eartquakes we still managed to get into the Duomo but not into main building. On Monday we went to Bagni Vignoli bathed feet in sulphur water (thats your painting of me) Then we went to Pietra had a good lunch of bruschetta and pasta in a local trattoria. In the afternoon we went to Montepulciano. At night we had booked into Mimmi's and when we sat down we were advised by Americans sitting next to us that pasta goes very quickly. The meal started at 8.00pm 1st course Pasta (bon ties)

2nd course Canneloni (wonderful)

3rd course Lasagne (wow!)

4th course Veal, pork, turkey and green beans and french beans.

5th course Mixed salad

6th course 4th course repeated!!

7th course Timaslu

8th course Dolci - trifle

followed by coffee

1.5litres wine 1litre water

cost each 30000 lira (£10.50!!)

We all ended up in the kitchen after to thank Mimmi and her staff.

Tuesday 15th We went to Arezzo spent a lovely day admiring the frescos in Basilica San Francesco and the Duomo. A very good lunch of bruschetta, pasta and dolci and wine. 33000 lira each.

Stuart left on the 5.35 back to Roma

see attatched painting of our holiday house, Bagno Vignoli and Castello Pierli


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