quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2008

Nosso Brasil.now for the real worries to begin!

I have now recovered my eyesight sufficient to be reseanable relacked about the future, the last two weeks have had me go from panick that I was loosing the right eyesight, having surgery and then not being able to see for several days, now finding that I have just one small bubble(they injct gas to support the retina and this then gets absorbed by the body whilst the eye fills with a new solution) of gas left in the eye but my vision has returned and the focus is getting daily better. So I should now be able to cope with the 'jogadors brasaleiro' taking me to the highs and lows of foot.ball.
When I have had my next appoitment with the eye surgeon, 27th August, I will write about my experience because it is worthy as a reminder to everyone that it is important to go regular to the optician for a check up and do not take your eyes for granted.

Once more it is time for our far away players to come together and start a new round of friendlies, the venue is China and the title seems to be the Olympics 2008, another time for us to have the chilled beer gripped more firmly and waved at the TV with pleasure or disgust at a wasted ball. I love watching Brasil play but must admit to finding the ladies less boring, the ladies play entertaining football and seem to have slightly more energy.

Still thankfully I would hope to be able to follow both sexs to the final, on TV or the internet, there to feel the pride of all Brasilians as the trophy or medals are raised and the anthem is played. My friends in Edinburgh will be decking out the restaurant with foot-mabilia and the TV will be programmed for the Olympics, this is usually a time when they get a lot of Brazilians into the restaurant but not too many of them wanting to buy anything, true Brazilians do not spend much when abroad.