segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008

São Salvador da Baía de Todos os Santos

The first city to be created in Brazil and one that has links to Africa and the slave trade. Sao Salvador da Baía de Todos os Santos, the bay of all saints that saves us, and clearly when the first ships spotted this large bay with many islands it must have been a pleasant relief as well as a beautiful sight. The first sight for most of us is by air as the aircraft sweeps over the sea and turns a large circle to land at the airport to the North of the city. There where many forts built in and around Salvador but the one that is most striking is one of the earliest to have been built and as recently under gone restoration, along with some extra facilities being incorporated for tourist reasons, restaurants etc. The port of Salvador can and does support the entry of large ships and liners but also as a small mariner with a varied collection of expensive yatchs to simple fishing vessels, all adding to the picturesque view of salvador from the high position of the old town and its elevator. It is probably best to leave the history of the city to the many web sites that already exsist.

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