domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

mother of four boys and the dedicated wife of Fred

I would like to make one dedication to my mother who died on the 12 February 2008 in Birmingham and in hospital, at the age of 91. Born in Handsworth, Birmingham on the 14 November 1916, Marjorie May Hill was the first and only child of my grand parents, Luis and Florence Hill.
She had the ambition to reach 100 years but sadly did not acheive this but seemed to have acheived a peace within her self that most of us would hope to die for. Mom was always able to smile at the world and have a chat with anyone that passed the house, not one for accepting the word of others but able to nod her head with a wry smile and let the world say what it wished.
A lady fixed in her opinion but not having opinions on everything, able to let others get their say and when in doubt nod her head and let the moment pass.
I know that her death will have left my brothers with a void that cannot be filled by another person and that her guiding hand will now be in the hand of my father, Frederwick William Simkins, who died in 1987 at the age of 73. My mother seemed to feel his presence in the house, remarking that she from time to time could smell the smoke from his cigaretes and I expect that in the end, when she had for many years kept hospital and the doctors at a distance, sitting in hospital she must have felt that the contact she had with my father was broken. A proud lady, independent of spirit she would not accept life that relied on others for exsisting day by day, she left a house that was tidy, clean and ready for her to return to after hospital.

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