terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2008

Scotland to Brazil

Most of the time I think I am safe in assuming that the Brasilian football team will win their matchs and that the Scottish football team will struggle against practically all other teams worldwide.
I had been some what at a loss after my second marriage failed and I became divorced for the second time. For almost four years after the divorce from Susan I became very attached to my friend Ruth who gave me stability and affection, Ruth could and wished to stay by my side for a very long time but having felt the pain of love that is one sided I decided to leave the relationship and go it alone. The friendship ended when I told Ruth that I wished to go back to living on my own and she did not wish to have only a friendship with me. This led to my having a number of relationships very close together of which one with Winn gave me a good friendship but the same problem arose when she expressed love for me and I did not have the same passion for her, the parting with Winn happened the same time as a friend in America was trying to organise a partner to accompany her to the wedding of her friends daughter, Margarita phoned me at 2 in the morning ( Edinburgh) to ask if I would consider the idea, as I thought she was refering to a wedding in Seattle or Washington, I said yes and she could ring me later with the details.
The idea of a few days away seemed appealing and when Margarita phoned to tell me that the wedding was in fact in Brazil I had already accepted the idea. Margarita phoned again to then modify my plans to take in a trip to Argentina, not keen but said, as I usually do, yes to the new plans. This was now to go to Rio on the Wednesday and the wedding would be on the Friday, I think! then there would be a two day stay in Rio before flying to Buenos Aires and on to Terra del Fuego for Margarita to refind her roots?
Before the wedding our hosts took everyone to a Carnaval show and the following day collected us to go to the wedding location high above the city, briefly the wedding and my hosts where wonderful and the setting for the wedding was beautiful. The day after the wedding we all had a trip out to the beach and a restaurant in the evening when we all basically said our farewells, the problem for myself was that I was in the Sheraton Hotel at £200 a night and my companion was glued to the fax and phone selling/buying stocks and shares. Since Margarita had the opinion that I was there to travel where she wished and when she wished I decided to abandon the plans and cancel my flights and on the spurr of the moment bought a ticket to Salvador. Arriving in Salvador late in the evening I asked the Information desk for details of hotels and the caught a bus into Salvador.

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