domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

art and the making of it

As my intention is to try to have success as an artist it may be good to introduce two people who are practically sponsering my attempt. When I left Edinburgh in 2003 I had already been married, third time, for three years to a young Brazilian girl and was giving up my trade as a furniture maker and restorer in order to be in Brazil. Michael Bennett-Levy asked me to give him three months of my time every year in order that we could continue the work relationship we had before, it was a good idea since my now ex-wife had only one idea and that was to have what money I had, then find another dreamer for her pension plan.
Michael and Zoe have this lovely tower house on the edge of Edinburgh and it as been my good fortune to have worked the Scottish Summer months there with Michael for the last 5 years, he as been an out-standing friend with amazing vision, education and for me a lot of patience. When there as really been no work he as created the need for me to work on the house, sometimes with worring amounts of water cascading over the top of a beautiful Sheriton dining table or copious amounts of water draining into filing cabinets and over computors in his office, still that as not been enough for him to strangle me, it as been close to it but not quite there. I have now refused to do plumbing jobs unless it is absolutely necessary. Still he now has some nice bathrooms with one of them being a life long love of the painter Kandinsky brought to life.
The friendship is now moving us to St Puy in France and the work that we do together will indeed be something of note. It is interesting when exploring the internet how so many years can pass by with me thinking that friends have been lost or work that I have done in the past as disappeared, yet this week as found the blog site ( of a friend,Mike Faulkner, the son of the late prime minister of Ireland, who left Scotland, somewhat sadened by the failure of his business, only now is writing and with his artist wife, Lynn McGregor ( is living tranquil on the shore of Strangford Lough. the other cause that I have discovered is my work with many directors,writers and designers of plays still exsists on the internet if only as my name with others, the period of the 1970's was an outstanding time for literature and I found myself in the centre of a renaisance of British theatre,TV and film, I will write more about this time because it was a period of immense work with creativety, stress and exhilaration of succeeding, creating to a often stupid time limit and a budget.

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