domingo, 4 de maio de 2008

Different visions of the same world

I am now near the time for my visit to Scotland and visit my friends as well as my brothers in Engand, this part will be more strange now that I am not going to see my mother, who died on the 12 February this year at the age of 91. I will be helping Michael with work and I have some furniture orders to complete for clients there. Michael has decided to give the antiques fair at Olympia, in London a chance, for with the move to France he could do with broadening his client base, although he virtually only uses the internet to sell antiques, he specialises in early scientific and medical apparatus he also sells paintings and prints, he does not encourage clients to travel to Scotland to view his vast collection of often strange and intriguing articles, that can be judged for their historic significance or their eye catching qualities. Like paintings or sculpture the art of the instrument maker can leave one thinking about the technical abilities that have been lost and gained over the centuries.
I am reminded of a conversation with my God-son Giles Arthur, the son of my ex friend John Arthur who now lives with my ex-first-wife, Giles was studying architecture at Edinburgh and unlike his father he has still kept contact with me, then he does not need to be embarressed at his conduct, we talked of the aspirations of the past and the reasons for constructing monuments or buildings of grand proportions, my take on it is that we humans (nos humanos) are forever rediscovering what we knew in the past, the pieces of paper that held the plans have blown away.
I feel that the difference is in the past it was important socially, to construct one grand design whilst over the generations the rise of individualism as now made the desire for us to create the smallest article and distribute it on a grand scale. This too is the bloggers art, rediscover and distribute.

Here is a clip, I trust she does not mind me doing this plug for her site, from Olga Granda-Scott who as started ablog which has all the charm of a good magazine article and for me the base of blogging and the desire we have to give not always to take.

I certainly don't intend for this blogging thing to be easy. But I'm hoping it might even help me (and my husband) sleep better at night. Here I go, I'm making an attempt to join the 21st century by beginning my blog on anything and everything that crosses my path. Some of my friends have recommended I join Facebook, which I haven't managed to bring myself to do, so this is an effort to do something at least within that realm. I, of course, welcome lots of of input, questions, suggestions, and the like to keep me going and keep others interested.
The title "Dancing thru Paris" I find VERY cliche, but I couldn't come up with anything else, so feel free to come up with something better for me and I'll quickly change it. My husband is starting a blog called "finegoodthings" and I'm super jealous of his title so please help out!
I've been officially working at Alhambra Antiques for 7 years, and this business is about passion. But we can't get so absorbed in it that it is all we live and breathe. We need to enjoy life and our children as well. For those of you who don't know yet, I'm pregnant with #3!
I keep reading about people who wanted to make a change and just up and moved somewhere else in the world. We aren't quite there yet, but at 27 years of age, I'm NOT ready to expect that I'm going to live the next 50 years of my life in Coral Gables, beautiful though it may be.
This is all my parents' fault. By the time I was 5, I had traveled through much of South America and the Caribbean. Then they let me travel/live through Europe as a teen. They are definitely responsible for my wander lust. No doubt about it.
So here I go, I'm going to "THINK BIG". I'm going to dream and achieve.
I have found her partly because of the name for her blog---Dancing through Paris the photos reminded me of Olympia so again I trust she does not mind my use of her photos. The photos of the two antique acupuncture manaquins are from Michaels collection, for sale now, as well as the inside of Michaels kitchen at Monkton, the house is for sale and can be seen at and Michaels site for buying antiques is

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