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Brazilian flower power

Having a garden allows you to walk in your own make believe and to create moods to suite your own. I love the fact that I have fruit and flowers that sit and wait for me to return and appreciate them, always changing and surprising plants give the ultimate present of a flower, it seems impossible to think that anyone dislikes the presence of their calm beauty. Brazil as many plants and flowers that are similar to those now grown in Europe but it does have its secret weapons and they are outstanding and yet somehow common here. Here is an interesting list from a site selling Brazilian flower essences

flasks with 30ml READY-TO-USE FLOWER ESSENCES. Researches at the brazilian north-east native flora with few ancient native folklore medicine men knowledge.

Plume Grass: capim pluma
Clears the mind of negative thoughts. Brings optimism and faith that attract luck. Creates a psychic shield to provide protection from the negative

thoughts of others.

Father’s Love: carinho de pai
Develops in fathers the capacity to express affection. Heals the child’s emotional pain or sorrow related to her/his father. For the lack of paternal

love. Heals father-child relationships.

hrist-heart: coração de cristo
For all forms of egoism and individualism. Connects people to their inner “Christ-like Self”. An anti-carcinogenic flower. Develops the spiritual

quality of fraternity.

Happy-heart: coração feliz
Harmonizes the relationship between the sexes. For those with trauma in love. Brings happiness and balance to the relationship.

Star of Dalva: Estrela D´Alva
Elevates self-esteem bringing self-love. Develops the sharing potential, the feeling of being together, and the happiness of being alone also.

Clitoral Flower: flor clitoriana
Heals the rape trauma. It brings protection to the woman’s aura. Also an aphrodisiac for women.

Water Flower: Flor D´água
Clears memories of ancestral traumas and those of past lives. Helps change the tendency to feel guilty in all situations. It renews the individuality.

Joy Flower: flor da alegria
A working tonic. It brings focus and a healthy tension for work. It brings discipline.

Surrender: flor da entrega
For those with excessive worries about the well-being of others. Heals the “guilt syndrome”.

A pioneering study just released by Brazil's IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) in Rio de Janeiro on the production of flowers and ornamental plants shows that cultivation of flowers provides more jobs than agriculture in Brazil.

The work confirms that the planting of flower and ornamental plants already employs, on the average, double the number of workers engaged in agriculture and livestock-raising and predominates on properties with less than 10 hectares.

Based on the 1995-96 Agricultural Census, the study, Characterization of the Brazilian Flower and Ornamental Plant Productive Sector, is the first investigation of its type.

The flower sector, according to the IBGE, has great export potential and represents a significant alternative for the generation of jobs and income on small properties.

The study discovered 7,561 properties, leased lands, partnerships, or rural occupancies that, between August, 1995, and July, 1996, earned US$ 108.6 million (311.12 million reais), US$ 65.7 million (188.11 million reais) of which came from the production of flowers and ornamental plants on a total area of 434,935 hectares.

Of the 2,963 rural establishments in which the production of flowers and ornamental plants was the principal activity, the vast majority (1,941) had less than 10 hectares, and 10,014 of the 21,844 employees of these establishments worked on properties with fewer than 10 hectares of occupied area.

The average number of workers per establishment was 7.4, double the average for Brazilian agriculture as a whole (3.7 workers per establishment).
Agência Brasil
Translator: David Silberstein

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