segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

tragedy in santa maria

Yet again a case if money first and consideration last, if at all. There is almost a guarantee that nothing in reality will be done after this tragedy, the deaths after the floods of more than a year ago show this, Dilma cries but does nothing to change the situation or help the folk that have been affected directly by the tragedies. A blind eye is no way of running a morally conscient country and there is the problem, me first and sod the others,  what certainly strikes me about the fire and the deaths in the Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil, is the lack of concerns  before the event, it is not just a case of fires and fire safety, or in any particular location. There is a distinct lack of any wish to apply to any service a sense of care for others, if any one of the different services, which includes the fire services and the municipal authorites,  that were connected to this tragedy, had made arrangements to take care of their clients there may not have been so many deaths.
It is not a case of thinking that you can only expect to get a basic service for what you have paid, when a show is performed the exchange is not just for money, there is a expectation that there is care for the client and their health and enjoyment, it is equally true in a restaraunt, when money is taken for a service there as to be an obligation and a wish to provide care in the service, with food it must not only taste good but be prepared in a healthy and hygenic location, this is true with a night club, there as to be consideration for the safety of the client as part of the payment, there as to be a responsibilty on the owners part to take care of each person as a separate client, there should be a wish on the owners part to guarantee that they have all fire precautions, have not exceeded the quota of persons allowed into the building, and like aircraft, there should be an assurance of guides to remove the clients in case of an emergency. When it is clear to the owners of a boate that the numbers are too great for the security of the building and the clients, it should a moral obligation to limit the entry to the number that as been agreed with the authorities and it should be a moral decision to provide fire recautions more than adequate for what ever occurance may arise.
What will now happen is that there will arrests and then releases of different folk, mainly the owners of the night club, the pop group and security guards, but as Brazilians do not like to accept responsibilty they will also not condeem others for the mistaes that have taken so many lives, this is seen on a daily basis, the police will end up saying that it is impossible to apply fault to one person and therefore there is no chance of winning a condemnation of any person, the case of the high rise buildings last year in Rio, there is little possibilty in applying fault to one person and providing proof for the failure of the construction of the building, the night club tragedy is not one persons fault but a corporate one, it is best to apply rules and make certain that they are applied befire a tragedy occurs.

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