terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

Hindu, respect for nature

It is not in my own nature to have a religious belief, I rather dislike the human first attitude that is embedded in nearly all religions, the central theme that all is placed for human consumption and now human distraction, is rather too egoistic for me. This navel gazing that is more and more a central theme in human attitudes to each other and to the environment that surrounds them. If there is one form of religion that perhaps as a more eco attitude it is Hindu, their central theme seems to be that nature is God and we are subservient to it and indeed are obligated to it, as opposed to other religions that place the human race as a form of God and all of natural resources are placed at their disposal, thus allowing the human race d to decide on changes and modifications that will affect all life on the planet, clearly without any possible education to allow this to be achieved in any way as well balanced as nature may achieve on its own, my own feeling is that the only way to protect nature is to exclude humans, what ever a human does is a negative and in no way a good thing, even to each other this principle is true.  This a fairly easy site to look at and get some alternative sentiments in your life, I like the statement that we are just one but can do something, we can not do everything but something that we can do will always change things, I suppose it is the butterfly effect, or a ripple in the sea.

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