quarta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2010


As an add on to the last post, the Prefeitura in Salvador has used the patromonial national, www.ibama.gov.br/leiambiental/home.htm, has the excuse to remove the more than 350 barracas from the beaches of Salvador and now Lauro de Freitas, I believe there are plans to now remove those along the coast line of Camaçari, which will include Jaua. This would mean the beaches getting back something of their natural state and the litter from the barracas(beach bars) would almost disappear over night, although the plans I am told are for next year, after Carmival and the Summer festivals, and well after the present October elections for the President of the republic, state Governadors , Senadors and ministers Federal, the elections for the Prefeituras having already taken place and never on the same ticket has the state elections.
I am very much looking forward to a beach without the barracas, it will not only clean up the beach area but will also get rid of a lot of heavy weekend drinking and load music, the general public I feel will change to a better climate and the process I trust will also lead to the Prefeitura investing in a reformation of the road and walk ways, this surely must lead to a return of house owners to Jaua and its beaches, there are a huge number of people that have houses here but now stay away because of the general scruffiness of the barracas and the type of people that frequent them. It may be that the government has decided to press for the ambiental law to be used to remove the barracas for the 2014 World Cup and its clear tourist implications, along with the following 2016 Olympic games here in Brazil, but for what ever reason it will be a blessing and can only lead to a better life style for those that live here on the coast of Brazil.

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