segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Change of Weather and scene

It does seem that the World as got smaller, the rain here is also falling in France and Scotland so they are due flooding in the way that we have had to expect over the last 5 years or so. At the moment the change as been for sunshine and very little rain but the high winds have proved too much for some of the beach bars and a large area of the beach has dropped onto the road, as yet to be removed, by the council, if they ever do get around to it. I am told that we are due a great deal of investment by the Camaçari council and that this will be in the next two years. So if that is true I may well get to see our small town become a worthy tourist attraction, it has the basis for it but as yet no investment, the only investment has been private owners building more houses and rather overloading the very limited infra structure that exists in Jaua. I have sold my Fusca to the builder and have yet to see my money but i hope that this a temporary memory lapse on his part and that he will come good at some time this week, especially good if he does since I hav another monthly payment to make to cover my rather large tax bill that accompanied me registering my house as two houses, it seems unfair that I get the bill before gaining any profit from a possible sale of both, and this is what I now need to do to get rid of the tax and give me some money to continue my new quest in France. My girl friend as almost completed her two year course in Ouro Preto and will be returning to Salvador, this course seems to have taken her on a journey from none artist to artisan and from a public service worker to a self employed restorer of art, so the finishing of the course is the start of a life that could be very different. She will certainly start it with a change since she will be going with me to France and experiencing my life style for the first time in our time together. Yesterday i arranged to meet Butch, a new Australian friend that is now living here in Jaua, to see the inside of his house and for us to watch the Brazilian match on the TV, my TV is a bit difficult to watch if there is a ball to pick out, it is some what frosty and with hardly any definition, whilst the bar near Butch has a Sky satellite connection and some cold beers to help. I arrived to find Butch and his brother in law already getting into the spirit and a having acquired a table close to the TV in the bar. It is the first time that I have been in Brazil for June, I did have one year when I had to spend the first couple of days of June here in Brazil, it was for me to get my visa stamped and approved and make the arrangements for the ID and CPF cards, but that was about ten years ago and since then I have always been in Europe trying to earn a crust to pay for my lifestyle. So it is the World Cup and the festival of São João ( John the Baptist) all together this year, as well as the experience of Baiano winter and a lot of rain. It must be said that the open bar and the participation of the other drinkers led to a more exciting experience, it was like being at the match and getting all the different reactions and comments moment by moment, the constant whine of the horns was not noticeable with the whistles and shouts of the other supporters around me, it was good to b able to exchange comments and opinions with Butch and his brother in law, Val. I must do this for the other matches.
Quadrilha Junina da Festa do São Pedro de Belém (Paraíba)

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