quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009

My friends-if you where here

I have mentioned this bar before but had no photos, now that Vitor, the owner, has been kind enough to supply me with photos and info I would like to recommend it, you could always stay with me and we could go together.

Thinking of Xmas, those of us who work with wood, and by that I really mean those of us that have been at the planting, the growing, the cutting, the dimensioning, the drying and then the forming of furniture and the restoration of antiques were wood has been used, know the historic value of it.
For all it has supplied a filter for the atmosphere, a fuel, a support, a house, a boat, tools for agriculture, ideas for gravity and for me a long productive career making furniture. The longitivity of trees is a symbol of security and family, shown to have more than 5,000 years life span for one variety alone, believed that possibly three or four more varieties live similar age if not in an area deforestation, these trees were planted well before Christ and possibly at the time of the Pyramids,thus spanning the whole of known history and still recording in their rings the climate history.

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