domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

In the garden today

I have been making sure that the garden is well watered, the sun as been very strong for the last few weeks and I know that as soon as the house is occupied I will no longer be in the garden, it will be left to Antonio, my occasional gardener, to water the plants on a nearly daily basis. The cashew tree that I planted as a seed, is finally fruiting, a little late in the season but at least I can see see lots of fruit developing, and I will ask Antonio to pick some fruit for me to taste.

Here are some photos of the garden this morning, I have lost some plants during the time I was away in Europe but the rest are recovering well and it should be nice and green for the visitors, they will even have some limão to pick but no bananas this time, another problem with going away during a time of growth, the plants need a lot of water to get the foliage that the fruit needs, and I find that it is also best to water over the plants as the bananas, and indeed the coconut tree, are a bit like ferns in the way that they collect water, funnelling it into the centre of the leaves. I have mentioned to Antonio that the banana needs at least 10 leaves per plant to give good fruit and this is done by good watering and cutting out a lot of the root sprouts that the banana naturally sends up.

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