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French Living and Property

As I now have more than just a fleeting interest in France, I have been scouting for photos of building types and also for information about building regulations. In doing so I came across this site which apart from its interest to those wanting to live in France, it is of good interest to a wider public. I have put their index of information sheets, it may not go direct to the site by clicking on my list but you can get an idea of the spread and use the link below to get there.


* Caring For Dogs In France

* Construction/Renovation Process In France (Regulations, Insurances, Permissions, Experts and Taxes)
* Drainage
* Fosse Septiques - New Installations and maintenance
* Planning for a Septic Tank Installation
* Septic Tanks 1 - Regulations, Workings, Installation, Maintenance
* Septic Tanks 2 - Explaining Performance of a Septic Tank

* From farming to a horse livery business
* Making a living in France

Computers and Internet
* Enjoy life in France with the right technology
* The Facts - Broadband
* The Facts – Dial-Up
* What are the alternatives if Broadband Speed is Essential, but the Service is not Available?

Currency Exchange
* Automate your regular overseas payments saving yourself time and money
* Currency dealers - ten good reasons to use one
* Euro Currency Buyers FAQ
* Euro currency exchange on French property
* Euro Currency Update - September 09
* How to stay financially ahead of the game in France
* Latest Currency Report - 29th September 2009
* Living in France?
* Making regular international payments?
* Making the most of your Sterling in France
* Moving back to the UK?
* What’s going on with sterling and the euro?

* French Education - Never Too Young To Learn !
* Primary Education In France


* TF CUISINE - Christmas Cakes, Pies & Desserts
* TF CUISINE - Christmas Chocolates & Truffles
* TF Cuisine - Comforting winter puddings
* TF Cuisine - Warming Winter Soups
* TF Cuisine - Warming Winter Stews

French Life
* Downshifting - The Six Step Solution.
* Rain Water Collection for Economy, Efficiency & Ecology

French Regions
* A Taste of the Limousin - Living in Bellac
* A WELL KEPT SECRET - Charente-Limousine
* La Vendee
* Roussillon - where the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean
* The Auvergne - A Haven For Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

* Bedding schemes
* Kevin's Garden Diary Part 1 - Jan & Feb
* Kevin's Garden Diary Part 2 - Spring
* Kevin's Garden Diary Part 3 - Summer
* Kevin's Garden Diary Part 4 - Autumn
* Kevin's Gardening Step-by-Step Guide: Single and Double Digging
* Pruning Ornamental Shrubs
* Trees - Some Background Information
* Weeds
* Winter Flowers

* Choosing a complementary health insurer - what to consider
* Exclusive Healthcare National Helpline
* French Healthcare System - A Basic Guide
* Healthcare in France - FAQ
* If you need glasses take a look at this...
* Planning for Accidents in France
* Recent changes to the French health system
* Welfare survival tips to help you through hard times

* A Precis of French Succession Law
* Buying French Newbuild Property
* French Social Security Contributions, Q&A
* Inheritance Issues and Taxation
* Legal Issues: The Buying Procedure
* Selling a French Property - Contractual Issues
* Taxation of French Buy to Lets
* What is the process that will need to be followed to deal with a French probate?
* Why do probates in France take so long and what can be done to speed them up?

* Banking Vocabulary & How to Write a French Cheque
* How do the recent changes in the Inheritance/Gift Tax law affect me?
* New France-UK Double Taxation Treaty signed – Could it affect you?
* Tax and Estate Planning with Assurance Vie
* The French Mortgage Process

* Decisions, decisions - RHD cars in France
* How To Register a British Caravan In France
* Registering your UK Vehicle in France

* A Guide To Choosing An Agent/Immobilier
* A warning about buying land in France, or how I nearly lost 80,000€
* Buying A Property In The Department Of Creuse, Central France
* Choosing a dream property - Don't be Rushed!
* House Sitting Part 1 - Information For Owners
* House Sitting Part 2 - Information For Aspiring Sitters
* Learn to Love Your Agent Immo!
* Long-Term Lets - Information for Owners
* Long-Term Lets - Information For Tenants
* Never Too Late! How Father Buys a Flat in Bergerac, SW France, Only Days Before His 81st Birthday
* Property buying tips for France in general and Languedoc-Roussillon in particular: The 30 most important things you need to know
* Steps To Buying French Property
* Steve's Homebuyer's Check List
* The buying process
* The buying process: How to buy property for sale in Languedoc Roussillon – ten steps to French property buying heaven.
* The financial issues surrounding house sales in France

* 3 - Phase Electricity Supplies
* Central Heating - How big a radiator do I need?
* Electric Water Heating
* French Electrical Systems
* Planning Permission Requirements For Renovation
* Smoke Alarms
* The Answer My Friends ... Wind Turbines
* Timber Infestation in Buildings
* To Renovate In France ... Or Not?

Scams and Cons
* Beware 'Wire Transfer' or Certified Cheque' purchase offers
* Beware! Property Renters, Item Sellers & the Nigerian Scammers


Sport and Leisure
* 'Winterising' Your Pool
* The Law & Safety for your Swimming Pool

Tax and Financial Advice
* Are you liable to inheritance tax in Britain or France?
* How a Financial Adviser in France can help
* How can you fight against the effects of inflation?
* Is your French home subject to Capital Gains Tax?
* Pensions & Tax - facts and some advice for British ex-pats
* Savings options when living in France

* French Telephone Lines
* The Facts - Line Rental Installation and Faults
* The Facts - Telephone Call Traffic and How to Save Money
* The Facts – Low Cost Calls from the UK to France

* Not getting lost in translation...
* Sworn Translating and Interpreting - Who Does it & What Do They Do?


TV and Satellite
* Obtaining UK and French Television in France - Part 1
* Obtaining UK and French Television in France - Part 2
* UK Telecom launches UK TV service for free!

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