terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2009

Quick time in a short note

It is now almost one year since Mom died, the 12th February, I was thinking how fast this last year as passed and hard to think where the time has gone to, there ware three months of almost doing nothing after my eye operation and two months when Graca was here. Even the time she was here seems to have been like a few weeks and not months.
My mother often said that the problem with age is that time accelerates and yet you slow down, the complete opposite of youth.
My mother died with one main request to myself and brothers, she wished us to keep in touch and in that way kep the memories of the family alive and fresh.
I know that in the past I was always so busy that I could not remember the work that I had done in the previous week, always concentrating on the work in progress and what I had to do the following day or week. Running to stay still and yet achieving mountains, I always found time to fit in another small job; it is true when they say that if you want a job done quickly it is best to ask a busy person as they know how to cut time and do not think about the time that it might take but how to make the time for the work.
I have less plans for this year so who knows what it will bring or has planned for me or you. At the moment I am hoping to get my new spectacles, or rather the old ones with new lens, since the company, Varilux, have accepted they made the first lens incorrectly and are remaking them now. I have now started a health plan so that if anything happens I can get hospital treatment, a worry here in Brazil and more so these last few weeks, with the TV showing several people having died after surgery in Brazil. I am going to return to Edinburgh for my eventual cataract operation as I do not have any confidence in a surgeon here to do any work on my eyes, a delicate part of the body that needs great care and experience. Another thing that I have just started is a blog for my work, a CV and what I hope will be a restart for my previous work, for it is clear to me that I need to get back to having the work contacts and the social contact that work brings, it is a double bonus and in many ways relaxing as I do not now have to work a 15 hour day to survive.
My new blog can be reached if you go to my designs on wood blog and get the link there.
Here is wishing all my readers a good year and good health.

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