sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2008

just Campbell and Muriels ideal

This is really just a lazy way of giving an idea to C and M for their roof terrace so when I am next in Scotland I can redo the garden without too much discussion. Campbell and Muriel have a mews house in Edinburgh, lovely setting but was without a garden, Campbell has leaded part of the roof above the kitchen and utility room to allow him to have decking and a fence to cover the roof slates of his neighbours. It is very much as these photos show but is in need of a face lift at the moment. I am due to return to Scotland and he as asked me to give a couple of days for work on the terrace.
The other photos make me think of France and my new aquaintance with the country, Michaels Bergerie conversion is to have one bedroom ensuite with my name tacked to the door, also I have a workshop being built there at this very moment. The French affair and my 'novo amor' with Graca makes the future quite exhilarating and I now feel much like I did in the early 70's with opportunities there for the taking and passing age not as yet a problem. It seems that age is another part of the learning process and we do with it what we want and not always what we expect.
The photos are from a nice garden blog called and it too as a good selection of feeds to other worthy sites. This is something that I like about blogs, they are personal but open and have your requirements at heart as well as clearing the throat of the writer, they give better information and take you on a trip that you may not of thought about before.

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