sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2008

Grace within Graca

There is something soft and decadent about falling in love again, rediscovering the ability to trust someone as well as be paxionate for them, the remembering of recipes and the tidying of the bed before sitting down to breakfast, the fact that you sit in a restaurant and do not spend the time gazing at the couples on every other table but rather spend the time chatting together about the day so far, that you no longer are viewed as a lone threat at parties thus become invited to Graca's friends parties but my lady friends have rather decided the cold shoulder approach, to go to exhibitions and hear Graca have opinions that I share but have not spoken before, the same with wishes for a style of house or decoration, its amazing! long be it lasting and I am starting to see the future double not single.
Graça amo-o, diário que passa encontro que o amo mais, cuido dirigindo e cruzando o caminho para que eu não o sofra sofrendo um acidente e logo serei sem você. beijos.

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