quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2008

Big Willow Event

The day before yesterday Michael mentioned that a chap had phoned about the making of some chairs, good I thought I will have some nice chairs to make, for the man had seen four chairs I had made for Michael and I had assumed that the job was the same, well he turned up yesterday with a modern oak kitchen chair that could be less value than my possible bill, it only had been chewed by their dogs, left on their own for four hours locked in the kitchen. Can I please say to any one thinking of doing the same, do not leave more than one dog shut into a room that as anything of value in it, its crazy, I have seen the doors and surrouding mouldings, eaten and scratched to a point were they have to be replaced, one dog on its own may well sulk and chew its blanket but two or more dogs together have different ideas.

I have not got a fully equipped workshop at Monkton and do not have supplies like I once had, so the repair to the wood is no problem, I have repaired it, it is the problem now of buying in rush to do the four chairs, an expensive business, a local firm here charges £165 per seat in rush. I have now spent time on the internet trying to locate rush localaly.
Any one with spare land may think about the profitability in growing rush, bamboo, cane and willow as they all are sort after and have good value which I can only see increasing rather than deminishing in value. There are now many sculptors using natural materials as well as the traditional basket ware and chair seating.

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