quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Jaua after rain

The sea is a ruler on its own, what the mayor of Camaçari will not do or is taking a long time to do, the sea does in a couple of nights.
This road is in front of the beach near my house, I have to pass this landslide to get to and from my house. This happened first some 5 years ago and the then mayor started work to repair the damaged sea wall and reinstate areas that the sea had taken away, but after a short period of work he sent in lorries of stone and had them tipped against the road and over the beach, presumably to brake the power of the waves, as we know from history that is not a wise thing to do.
It seems to me that he should have moved the sea wall away from the sea and reinstated it, the road would then have to be sited along the line of the front gardens of the houses, but as there is a disputed area of 30 mts from high tide for building any wall for a house or garden, I would reckon that all the houses are illegally using common land for their gardens, the 30 mts is meant to be patrimonial land or beach, thus it would be correct in all respects to re-site the road and give more distance for the high tide.
The beach bars are still functioning up to a point but this last battering as removed at least three more today and will be more likely to worry the others and make them think about moving soon, a small amount of carefully placed bars can be nice and good for tourists, but the beach gad become full of get rich quick bars that no longer cleaned up at night and had installed their own badly made toilets, there as always been a ban on these bars but the mayor as just left them to continue and spread along the beach, every one knew that they had installed toilets and yet the mayor had never bothered to police them, it is now the patrimonial that is insisting on their removal and thankfully the sea is helping . I hope that by next year the beach will have cleaned up and given back a long beach of clean sand, the bar lovers will move on to some other location and the locals will feel more inclined to re-use the beach for recreation and exercise, most of us have stopped using the beach because of the bars and their clients spreading down to the water and also the large amount of litter they leave, pop bottles, plastic cups and plates, bottle tops and plastic bags, along with cut coconuts.
The mayor as also not made provision for rubbish, leaving just a few bins on the edge of the pavement along the beach, so the wind spreads the rubbish and the dogs open and spread any sacks that have food inside, he has now put several large bins for plastic, metal,glass and paper at the entrance to Jaua, about 15 minutes walk from my house and only really suitable for those that may drive past them, they do not help with the household rubbish that is daily left in the streets for the rubbish lorry to collect by hand.
I am hoping for a lot but have the hope that the beach will become a voting point and will get some restoration before the voting next year, fingers crossed......after all I have waited some years to see the bars removed and perhaps the whole thing of tourism and World Cup fever may make the difference..

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