terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009


Well back to Scotland and everyone telling me that the weather had been perfect before I arrived, every year its the same. I cannot beleive in glbal warming when scotland is perishingly cold, and this is Summer. I and the Swallows are very perplexed, I am here to help Michael get his September auction, at Bonhams, in London, ready. I can only really say that I am doing my small bit to help, I have been here since the 3rd May and seem to now be without work. Michael has organised two lorries to take stuff to London, he has such a strange blend of early technology, it can range from early fishing gear, or telescopes, to early calculators and typewriters, satelite navigation and computors to Arab spheres, bakerlite electric hot water bottles to glass electric generators. So we are ploughing our way through the dust and trying to get some order into his auction, it is remarkable that we have sent away more than 65 Tv sets, dating from the first that where made, tothose that where made around the early 1970's, large screen and whatch sized, around about a dozen early typewriters and a few controls for early aeroplane cockpits, including the reinforced glass for a Spitfire.
I am due to go to France in June and set up the new workshop in St Puy, just before I return to Brazil, I have an appoitment with my surgeon for anothert operation to my right eye, the previous operation has left me with a cataract and this will be removed before my return to Brazil. Unexpectedly i am told that the new lens, artificial, will bring my eyesight back to what it was before I wore spectacles, so that means another new pair of glasses, the third in 5 months.

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